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about our restaurant

We are the only International Fine Dining Restaurant
with a Cuban Touch in all of Texas.

From humble beginnings, two Cuban-born US Citizens have molded their dream of bringing Cuban cuisine to the USA. They had a vision of combining elegant settings and the use of the finest ingredients at the peak of maturity to fuse their heritage with the heritage of this now eclectic and dynamically diverse population that exists today in the great state of Texas.

We are not a traditional Cuban Restaurant. We are an International Fine Dining Restaurant with a Cuban touch. We serve the entire Energy Corridor community with a wide variety of dishes from the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and abroad with a Cuban flare. We strive to provide a family eating experience with fine dining service and dishes.

Our Services

Aside from the pride and joy we take in the art of gastronomy in fine dining and the attention to detail when serving food and tending to diners, these are just some of the services we provide.

Complimentary Valet

This is a completely complimentary valet service staffed by our 5-star valet company partners. We consider providing this exceptional service a crucial part of the Havana Houston experience.

Private/Corporate Catering & Private Party Dining

For your private or corporate events we take the same level of table service etiquette as in our location and cater to you. We also provide a Cook-on-location service for private party events held at your home. Visit our Events Page for contact details.

Chef's Table

There is no greater fine dining experience in Havana Houston than the Chef’s Table. It’s a one-of intimate experience you can share with up to 8 people. You will receive an exclusive menu and have a one-on-one with our Master Chef. Learn more at our Chef's Table Page.

Food Delivery

From our location to your doorstep. Made easier through our delivery partners Grub Hub and Door Dash, we also now offer delivery for Amazon Prime Members through Amazon Restaurants.

Our Chefs

Our team expresses the heart of Havana Houston with every dish. They have over 160 years combined
experience in the culinary industry and strive to perfect their art in fine dining gastronomy.

Jose Hurtado

Executive Cook

Nelson Duarte

Executive Chef

Claudio Fotti

Sous-Chef / Master Pâtissier

What People Say

Had the best experience possible at this place. Best food, courteous and professional service,  hats off to Aurora (our waitress) beautiful and nicely decorated place, amazing live music, and we had the honor of meeting one of the owners Hanoi. Keep up the good work guys. I highly recommend this restaurant. If you want to have an unforgettable experience,  Havana Houston is a must visit place. You won't regret it.

Yadira Martinez Padron

My friend had dinner at Havana Houston last week with his daughter. We had dinner with the same friend at Havana last night. It was awesome. The staff were great and the Owner "Mr. Personality" took us for a tour of the kitchen where we met the Chef. The food was outstanding. Go to this place for dinner and tell all of your friends. This place is a real winner and it does have a nice patio for outdoor dining. The inside of this restaurant is creative like the food and beautiful.

Stephen Herrmann

Excellent food, we tried Paella for 2 which easily feeds 4. Very tasty and delicious. Ambiance is great as well. We will definitely will go again. It has attentive servers, and the only suggestion I would place is to add a drink list and available spirits, and light was a bit dull in the patio area, so a little hard to read menu and difficult to see the plates, which is a pity due to their amazing presentation. Absolutely recommended.

Yvo Avilez

I have been living in Houston for 3 years and I have finally found my favorite  restaurant. I have had the pleasure of eating Paella in Spain and Portugal and have searched for a restaurant that could match this dish in the USA. My wife brought me here because she was told by the owner, Hanoi that they have an awesome Paella dish.  Well, awesome is being modest. The Paella was absolutely amazing. I felt like I was back in Spain. The service was the best I have experienced in Houston...

Michael Trinidad

This place is a very quaint jewel of a spot that I will definitely visit again! I had the Ropa Vieja and I fell in love with the dish all over again. I've had it at other places in DC but this by far is the best. My husband had the filet withe lobster and after his first bite he said "mmmm this is so good" and he kept saying it. The service is impeccable, very attentive. Everything was just perfect!

Katrina T.

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